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HeBrews Coffee and Music has been providing Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas an intimate setting for live music since 2008. HeBrews has had hundreds of national and local bands come through our doors.

We try to have 2-3 shows a month, but this largely depends on tours and routing schedules. Most of our shows are on weekends, but we do the occasional mid-week show.

The vision behind what we do is simple. We are here to provide a vibrant and relevant community for bands and our guests. We strive for a community not only based in music, but more importantly Jesus Christ. We are here to provide a venue and a coffee house that is focused on ministry and pointing people to Jesus through music and fellowship.

Our heart is to see the youth of this generation have a personal relationship with Jesus and grow in His grace. We see music as an avenue to help accomplish this.

For more information about HeBrews or to get in touch with us, please call: 260-627-2720


We are always looking for likeminded people that are interested in working alongside us to minister to the bands and guests alike. We have a lot of areas where you can get involved so please let us know some of your giftings or where you feel like God has called you to, and we will hopefully find a place for you to be involved!

HeBrews is run by volunteers who are passionate about music, coffee, and service. Our team gets free drinks, free food, occasional merchandise, and gets to work alongside the bands that come through HeBrews.

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Upcoming Shows

There are currently no upcoming shows.